Create solutions for any kind of problems based on software/hardware.

HackCUU is a three days hackathon for students based at the Autonomous University of Chihuahua. Here you will find the space and time to develop an idea as a team, turn it into a prototype and gain relationships, experience and recognition!

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  • Participants: students who are professional level students and 5th/6th year of secondary school (team members, minimum 1, maximum 5). Must carry school ID, Last semester payment or any other useful info.


  • Topic: The topic is free for each team. The hack must be handy, innovative and use software/hardware.
  • Teams must present their projects: What does it do? What is the benefit of using it? Who is it addressed to? How did they do it? What did each one do? A sample of the working prototype.


Jonás Perusquía Morales

Jonás Perusquía Morales

Judging Criteria

  • Criteria
    We will focus on: -uniqueness -innovation -difficulty -usefulness